Swedish Exhibition Agency

The Swedish Exhibition Agency is a government agency under the Ministry of Culture.

Its brief is to promote development and collaboration within the exhibition field. The Agency are also charged with giving priority to children and young people as well as developing and disseminating contemporary art throughout the country.

The task is to support enterprising people in the exhibition sector in Sweden and to develop expertise, support R & D and to monitor global developments. The Agency also seeks to promote collaboration and exchanges of knowledge between people in the exhibition sector and to build bridges to other art forms and cultural fields.

Our roll in the TimeCase project

The involvement in the project TimeCase. Memory in Action is a part of the Swedish Exhibition Agency’s work to find new areas of collaboration and, at the same time, gather influences from the field of active learning processes, to share with the Swedish museum sector.

Moreover, one of the aims of the project – to develop methods and tools for cultural learning institutions – is close related to the area of interest for the Agency. Thereby, The Swedish Exhibition Agency is hoping to gain new knowledge concerning presentation methods and techniques.

Staff members working on TimeCase:
Amanda Andersson
Johanna Rahm