Palazzo Spinelli per l’Arte e il Restauro Florence

The Institute for Art and Restoration “Palazzo Spinelli” is named after the historic palace in the Santa Croce district where it was founded in 1978.

It began as a centre for VET (EQF 3-4) in the field of restoration of cultural and historic heritage and traditional artistic techniques and production. The laboratories focus on up-to-date technologies for conservation and restoration and always use a scientific-analytic approach combined with essential artistic skills.

Palazzo Spinelli is one of the foremost centres of excellence in its field, both at national and international level.

Focus on management and development

The not for profit Association “Palazzo Spinelli” was founded in 1998 as a centre for HE specialisation and refresher courses (EQF 5-6) for students and professionals working in the field of cultural and historic heritage with a specific but not exclusive focus on management and development.

The programmes currently on offer include Master courses in Cultural Heritage Management; Conservation and Restoration; Exhibitions and Events Management; Exhibition and Museum Design; Performing Arts Management; Integrated Technologies for Cultural Heritage. Short courses include the Organisation of Performing Arts Events, and Accessible Museums.

Palazzo Spinelli has a strong international vocation with operations in over thirty countries in cultural heritage management, conservation and restoration, cultural and environmental tourism and events organisation. It also carries out projects with public authorities and private companies, the European Commission, UNESCO and the Italian Foreign Ministry. The association is part of the ELIA network and ASFOR (Italian Association for Managerial Training).

Staff members working on TimeCase:
Emanuele Amodei
Catherine Burnett