Lithuanian theatre, music and cinema museum Vilnius

The Museum accumulates, preserves and examines showpieces related to the history of Lithuanian theatre, music, and cinema, organize evenings in commemoration of artists of these spheres, and exhibitions of collections, conducts exhaustive topical excursions and educational programs, prepare educational publications and consult visitors.

Communicating with foreign institutions, international exhibitions are also held there to present significant artists of foreign countries. Furthermore, modern art exhibitions are held there, and summers are especially rich with various events in the amphitheatre of the Museum.

The Theatre Museum was established in 1926, in Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University, on the initiative of writers Balys Sruoga and Vincas Krėvė-Mickevičius. In 1936, it was transferred to the State Theatre, and the actor of this Theatre. During the years of the war, the showpieces were scattered. The destiny of theirs started to be taken care of by the Lithuanian Theatrical Society, founded in 1946. The accumulated archive was moved to Vilnius. Restoration work of the Museum continued till 1957. Since then, the branch of the Lithuanian Society of Theatre (Actors‘ house) started running its activity. In 1964, the branch called the Lithuanian Theatre and Music Museum, was transferred over to the Lithuanian Art Museum. In 1992, the branch of the Lithuanian Art Museum became a self - dependent Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum. Since 1964, the Museum was established in the premises of Umiastowski Palace. In 1996, the Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum moved to reconstructed Radvilos Minor Palace.

Staff members working on TimeCase:
Lauryna Lopaite
Regina Jackunaite
Vilma Jeneliauskiene