Bucharest National University of Arts

National University of Arts Bucharest (UNAB) is the most important higher arts education institution in Romania. It was founded in 1864. UNAB has 3 faculties with specializations in painting, graphic art, sculpture, art education, photography and time based arts, design (graphic, industrial and product), fashion design, tapestry, textile imprints, ceramics-metal-glass, mural art, stage design, restoration and preservation of the art work, art history and art theory, PhD studies.

Through the Research Department, UNAB is involved in the development of research grants and the identification of state / private funds. The research projects assisted UNAB in creating creative partnerships with municipalities, foundations, corporations.

Staff members working on TimeCase:
Roxana Trestioreanu
Irina Cios
Daniel Constantinescu
Bogdan Bordeianu