Associação Cultural e Recreativa de Tondela

Founded in 1979, the association applies a multidisciplinary approach in all artistic areas around its main activity, the theatre company TRIGO LIMPO teatro ACERT.

Theatre practice made it possible for ACERT to implant itself in the structure of the region and in the cultural life of the Portuguese countryside, and to develop a distinct methodology of transversal, didactic, effective and challenging artistic interventions, in order to transform cultural habits from exclusion to inclusion. It is worth stressing that the Viseu district was once considered a region without cultural practices, spaces or habits. Although ACERT is not the sole protagonist of this change, it played a distinct and important role in the development of the region.

ACERT believes in culture as a vital tool for the development of a democratic society. ACERT wants to facilitate an engaged civil society by methodologically coordinating and amplifying the creative potential of all individuals of a community. The involvement in collective creation processes, often based on the history of a certain community enhances their social cohesion and well-being.

ACERT has developed into a permanent cultural offer in a rural and poor region of Portugal with hardly any cultural and educational providers. It sustains a permanently reviewed and developing practice, within a formalized relationship with local communities, in order to potentiate educational circuits reaching various audiences who strongly feel, above all, the lack of cultural offers.

Staff members working on TimeCase:
Miguel Torres